Loving Carjackings

Posted in Uncategorized by audrey on January 13, 2010

On the eve of the host country’s second game, a lil detour into the still nascent world of contemporary Angolan cinema.

The earliest films in this “new wave”, which parallel Nollywood in their low-budget shooting and DVD-only distribution, were released in 2005, becoming the first movies in the history of Angolan cinema to attract a local African audience.  As Henrique Narciso “Dito”, the most lauded director to come out of this new movement, describes,

It is necessary to reproduce our reality on the screen instead of importing realities, cultures, histories, and values of other peoples.  We have to emphasize our languages, our histories.  Because the Angolan likes to see scenes of his everyday life reproduced in cinema.

Part of this everyday life?  According to Dito’s Alta Temperatura: Assaltos em Luanda II: global warming & … LOVING CARJACKINGS!  (see 1:10)

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