sound the vuvuzelas!

Posted in Uncategorized by Steven Villereal on June 7, 2010

Dusting off our Umbros and emerging phoenix-like from the editorial rubble, BOLAS & BANDEIRAS has awakened from blogging slumber! We’re late in firing up out 2010 World Cup engines, but trust in us and we will provide all the over-caffeinated live-blogging/psuedoacademic superstructural critique you need this summer!

Sassy official mascot Zakumi!

In the coming days we’ll be posting some hastily assembled group previews, with Offical BOLAS & BANDEIRAS Punters’ Pickz! For some more nuanced, professional, well-funded overviews I refer you to the excellent group guides which can be found over at Pitch Invasion and these slightly irritating Guardian flyovers!

As blogger-residents of the Real America, we’ll also be ramping up the anti-English hate speech…these colors don’t run, let the blood of a thousand ASBOs wash away the sins of Amerika’s own national failings etc!!!

Thanks for tuning back in…we’ll get to know each other so much better in the next 5 weeks. Let the vuvuzelas sound!

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  1. paul j. said, on June 7, 2010 at 19:56

    so glad this blog isn’t dead!

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