Eerie synchronicity

Posted in Uncategorized by 00000000 on January 10, 2010

…in this screen cap from Bernardo Bertolucci’s Prima della rivoluzione, which I made while watching the film 2 nights before the Togo bus attack:

The Independent has a piece about the FLEC, and their use of terrorism to renew interest in their cause:

Mark Schroeder, an Africa analyst with global intelligence firm Stratfor, said the killings had been an opportunistic attack by Flec “to say ‘Hey, we are still here’.” The government had been “overly confident in its attempts to pacify the province” in recent years, something that had now blown up in its face.

The African Nations Cup tournament was meant to be a showcase for the progress made by Angola, which is now Africa’s largest oil producer, after decades of brutal civil war. But Cabinda with its continuing human rights abuses and unrest makes a mockery of the modern democracy the government had wanted to portray.

The decision to have the Group B games in Cabinda is looking more and more like a reckless and underhanded decision by the Angolan government, an attempt to validate their claims to ownership of the exclave. That they chose to put the four teams of Group B at risk with this move, and that the FLEC’s brutal tactics—carried out in direct response to this decision, so it seems—claimed several innocent lives, is to be sorely regretted. The actions of the FLEC are obviously indefensible, but fingers must also be pointed at the Angolan Football Federation for putting athletes at risk with this brash endeavor.

Apparently the FLEC have threatened more violence, and Africa’s biggest stars are “living in fear”:

Rodrigues Mingas, a spokesman for the Front for the Liberation of Enclave of Cabinda, said: ‘We have nothing against Togo, I like the Togolese team. But it’s a war and anything goes.’

There are fears that the likes of Drogba, whose diamond-encrusted watch is worth 51,000 pounds (S$114,000), could be a prime target in a country where the average weekly wage is less than £20.

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  1. kickknees said, on January 11, 2010 at 06:12

    eerie synchronicity indeed nate-dogue! quite incredible really. i have to concede that the attack on the bus is the first i’ve heard of FLEC and the Cabinda territory. i’ve been learning a bit about Angola too, i.e. that it sits snuggly behind algeria and nigeria as the third biggest oil producer in africa, and the 17th on a global rankings. a cool 2 million barrels a day! (and that was a 2008 estimate!)

    i was thinking of another subtitle for your screen cap:

    who is willing to strike today for
    the diamond-encrusted watch of drogba?

    love your work.

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